We create hoodies for...

  • Year 11
  • Year 13
  • Mainstream Schools
  • Free Schools
  • Grammar Schools
  • Independent Schools
  • School Trips
  • Residential Trips
  • PE Departments
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • College Students Union
  • University Student Societies
  • University Students Union

Why use us to order hoodies?


Great quality AWD hoodies

AWD Just Hoods is one of the most popular UK bands of leavers hoodies, and this is the brand we offer you for your leavers or trip hoodies. 

Styles & colours

We offer 15 different styles of hoodies and a range of 50+ colours to choose from. Every single student can choose their own style, colour and size. 


You can choose to pay via your school office, or pay securely online via Paypal which is far more quicker and efficient. Minimum order of 10 hoodies required, if your quantity is less, let us know we can quote you a price.



We individually pack each one of the hoodies and label them for correct identification and easy distribution 


Delivery is always to one UK Address and fast - within 15-20 days after you have signed off on the artworks and the order

Personalisation / nicknames

 Often referred to as nickname, you can choose the placing of this and you can have it on the front / rear of the hoody or on either arm as an optional extra of £4 per person



We offer a range of 26 core leavers artworks for you to choose from, if you have a specific design in mind please let us know and we will create this for you or make amends to the below. We can create bespoke Artworks for any trip hoodies. 


Any missing, incorrect or damaged garments will be 100% replaced, and we will provide this to you in writing so you have absolute peace of mind when ordering with us, and if you are not happy we will offer a money back guarantee.


 For school leavers hoodies & trip hoodies we ALWAYS embroider your school logo as it gives a high quality finish. 



After the main order has been processed if a small number of students come forward and want to order some hoodies (at least 10), we can process these orders for the same price.

Account manager 

From your initial contact you will have a dedicated account manager for a seamless & trusted experience.


Rear Leavers Artwork


How to order your hoodies


Order a sample and confirm us as your supplier


Open your online shop or collect money in school


Send us student names, logo and artwork choices


Sign off your order & artworks and we deliver


Hoodie styles


Trusted by Many


What's included in your leavers hoodie price?

  • Your choice of hoody style, colour & size
  • Front logo embroidery or front print
  • Rear leavers print of your choice with student names inside / outside
  • Ordering online / or collecting money in school
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Creating your artwork
  • Making any amends / corrections
  • Making your hoodies
  • Delivery
  • Aftercare

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What brand of hoodies do you supply?

We ONLY supply the AWD Just Hoods brand of hoodies

+ How many styles, colours and sizes do you offer?

As you can see from our gallery we offer 15 styles of hoodies. To see which colours and sizes are available in what ranges please download the style guide above

+ Can every student choose their own style, their own colour and their own size?

Yes, every single student can choose their own colour, choose their own style and their own size. You only pay for the price you see above. NO other charges other than Nicknames, which are optional.

+ What fabric are your hoodies made from and how thick are your hoodies?

The exact Fabric percentages and thickness of the hoodies is listed in the style guide

+ What do the prices above include?

  • The Style of garment shown
  • Set up and creation of your logo embroidery
  • Logo embroidery on the front left breast
  • Creating the leavers 18 artwork & setting up the printing plates
  • Creating 3D visuals
  • Leavers 18 print of your choice for the back of your Hoody, from the above artworks with the student names inside/outside the leavers 18 Artwork
  • Postage to one UK address

+ Whats the minimum order quantity for hoodies?

We only require a minimum order of 10 hoodies. If your order is below this quantity please e-mail us we will provide you with a price and help you to process your order.

+ How much do you charge for nicknames?

£4 per person

+ In what positions can we have our nickname printed?

On the back of the hoody and or on the sleeves. All you have to do is state where you would like the nicknames and ALL the garments which require a nickname will have the nickname printed in the same position.

+ Is there a minimum order for nicknames?

No, you can have as little as 1 nickname

+ Can we have the nickname in a different font?

Yes you can. (There are No additional charges for this)

+ How do we pay you?

By far the most popular option is to order online. Once you confirm you want to order merchandise from us we will set up your shop.

+ What service do you use to process payments?

We process payments securely via Paypal.

+ What if I don't have a PayPal account?

You don't need a PayPal account to use our service, you can pay us even if you don't have a PayPal account. Every year thousands of parents & students pay us in this way and they don't have a Paypal account.

+ Delivery time for hoodies?

The delivery of your hoodies is made once ALL payments have been received and ALL artworks / visuals have been signed off and takes from 3 to 6 weeks. If you're in a rush, we do offer a fast track service, terms and conditions apply.

+ Where is your company located?

Our office is in Birmingham, and we work with clients all across the UK, Scotland and Wales - Please see our contact page for address details.

+ What if we receive incorrect garments or there is a rip in the garments?

Please let us know, and we can either replace your garment or offer a full refund.

+ If most companies sell Just Hoods AWD Hoodies, why the price difference? Surely everyone would sell at the same price?

We have set our prices on the premium end of the market, because we are focused on delivering a premium service to our customers. We are open 7 days a week (we are the only company open 7 days a week, seriously) and we want to ensure you have peace of mind when working with us. We are only interested in providing exceptional service & maintaining our reputation as the ONLY company who is UNEQUIVOCALLY THE MOST trustworthy.

+ Do we have to pay if we cancel the order?

As long as we havent created any artworks, or setup and printing plates, we guarantee you the School / Student Committee will not be left with a bill to pay should students not go ahead with an order. Grammar Schools, Independent Schools, Colleges and University Student Societies absolutely love this part of our service.

+ If we do not get enough orders online to meet the minimum hoody order what happens to the money?

Have total peace of mind, we will provide a FULL REFUND ONLINE to the Parents / Students who have placed an order should you need to cancel the order.