We create yearbooks for...

  • Year 11
  • Year 13
  • Mainstream Schools
  • Free Schools
  • Grammar Schools
  • Independent Schools
  • College Societies
  • University Societies


Why use us for yearbooks?


Unrivalled modern & stylish designs

We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not create childish designs. All of our designs are modern contemporary designs and we work with top design talent producing and updating our range of designs. Also should you wish you can commission a bespoke yearbook design or profile design - get in touch for more details. 

We offer an after hours & weekend service 

 We understand students & teachers are busy in lessons Monday to Friday and even busier during peak times during exam season. So as part of our service we have decided to open our offices for longer hours on weekdays so you can contact us once school is finished and on weekends when you have more time to yourself. This means you can work at your own pace and know your dedicated account manager really is available 7 days a week - We are the first company in the UK to offer this service, at no extra cost. 

We hand create all yearbooks

Every single one of the yearbooks we create is made in the UK by our designers by hand, not a system. The reason we hand create every single yearbook is that it allows us complete autonomy in creating truly luxurious product.


Easy online ordering

We are one of a handful of UK companies who allows students to pay online for their yearbook, hoodies, prom photos and even their prom/leavers ball securely via PayPal. It just makes so much sense, instead of the long winded way of handing money into the finance office or having to open a separate account. We make it easy for you.

We collaborate with the Student committee 100%

We believe the only way to make the yearbook personal to you, is by collaborating with the committee. So we highly recommend (and we do this with most of our clients) conference calls which we use as a brainstorming session which ultimately leads to a whole host of ideas in personalising your yearbook. If you're a school in Birmingham, Solihull or Walsall we will come and meet with you for no extra charge, all part of the service.

Range of personalisation options

We offer you a number of yearbook personalisation options which add that additional touch of luxury and personal feel to really make the yearbook yours. Get in touch to find out how this is done and your options. 


Dedicated account manager throughout

To deliver a seamless experience, we ensure you have a dedicated account manager from our team from the  beginning to the point of delivery & the aftercare, as this means the individual in charge knows exactly what needs to be done and is on top of all the details  you request. 

We offer template & bespoke yearbook designs 

You can choose from a range of template designs or commission a bespoke yearbook design with matching student profile layout. 85% of clients who use us prefer to opt for the template option as they generally know what design they want, once they see our templates. The other 15% want to spend top dollar and want to ensure they have a unique yearbook design and matching profiles page like no other school in the UK for that year.

15 day delivery

Once you have signed off on the final yearbook draft, we aim to deliver within 15 - 20 days, if for any reason we require more time we would clearly communicate this with you before we go to print. 


Personal service

Clients use us time and time again even though we are priced on the premium end of the market in the UK, because clients know when they use us their yearbooks are the finest quality with gorgeous designs, delivered on time and the only content which goes in the yearbook is the content they want, which reflects their establishment in the correct manner. Furthermore if they have any queries they know their dedicated account manager is going to check in with them after the yearbooks have been delivered, especially during the summer holidays.


Yearbook order process


Order your sample pack


Confirm us as your supplier and we can open online shop


Send us your content & we create your yearbook


Once you sign off we deliver within 15-20 days


Trusted by many


Yearbook pricing process


Choose your yearbook type


Choose your cover design, profile layout & other pages from below


Confirm quantity of yearbooks & page count


We send you a quote, if this suits we begin the work


Types of yearbook


Perfect Bound


Paper Hardback


Cloth Hardback


Leather Hardback


Types of yearbook pages you can choose

  • Head Teacher / Principal Message
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Heads of House / College / Form
  • Student Profiles
  • Back in the Day things cost
  • Most likely to
  • Trending Quotes
  • Hashtag Comments
  • Yearbook Committee
  • Prom Committee
  • Headboy / Headgirl Message
  • School Captain Message
  • School Council
  • Student Leaders
  • Teacher & Student Quotes
  • Lookalikes Staff/Students
  • Departmental Messages
  • Prom Montage
  • Trip Montage
  • Sports Team Pictures
  • Year 7 Pictures
  • Clique Montages
  • Timeline of World Events
  • Timeline of School Events
  • Top trends while we were at school
  • Awards Pages
  • Whole Year 11/13 Group Picture
  • Whole Staff Group Picture
  • Funniest Moments
  • Most Embarrassing Moments
  • Couples Page
  • Teacher Sayings
  • Sports Tours
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Girls on Tour / Lads on Tour
  • Confessions of a Teacher
  • Student Confessions
  • Leavers Artwork
  • Contents Page
  • Our Form in 30 Words

What does the yearbook price include?

  • The yearbook
  • Pages
  • Inserting all data into the yearbook
  • Any amends & corrections
  • Proof reading
  • Online ordering
  • Phone support
  • Weekday & weekend service
  • Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What styles and sizes of yearbook do you offer?

We offer :

  • A4 Perfect bound Yearbook
  • A4 Paper Hardback Yearbooks
  • A4 Cloth Hardback Yearbooks
  • A4 Faux Leather Hardback Yearbooks

+ Whats the difference in the above books?

An A4 perfect bound yearbook is a soft cover book, which is glued from the left had side to piece it all together. The Covers and inside of the book are printed in full color.

The A4 paper hardback book has a hard front and rear cover and has a paper “wrap” around which means the Covers and inside of the book are printed in full color.

The A4 Cloth hardback & Leather Hardback book has a hard front and rear cover and is Wrapped in a cloth or faux leather “wrap” and comes in a Blue, Green, Black and Red cover and the front of the Book is Decorated with your Logo and School names in a Foil finish

+ What is the average page count for a yearbook across the UK?

The Average page count based on a Year group of around 200 Students including some of the following pages below is about 56 pages:

  • Front / Rear cover
  • Headteachers page
  • Senior leadership pages
  • Student committee page
  • Photo montages (Prom, Trips etc)
  • Timeline
  • Form / College groups including Y7 / Y11 pictures and a picture / message from the form tutor
  • Awards pages
  • Leavers artworks
  • Trends pages
  • Back in the day things cost page
  • Couples page
  • Most likely to page
  • Year group photos
  • Whole staff group photos

+ Do we use an online system to create yearbooks?

Absolutely NOT. We manually create every single clients yearbooks. We do not believe in churning out cheap yearbooks for the sake of it.

+ What are the available options for creating a Yearbook?

There are 2 simple options for creating your Yearbook:

  • Our Template Option
  • Our Bespoke Option

Our Template option is used by 85% of the clients who work with us, because we have created templates, all you have to do is pick the look of each page which makes the process a lot easier, especially because the majority of Students perhaps don't know exactly what they want, but once they see the slick & sophisticated design we offer they intuitively know the direction they want to take their yearbook in.

Our bespoke option costs £6 per person extra, with a minimum of 100 Yearbook Orders and is ideally for clients who have a design vision in mind or want something very special created. You would provide us with a brief and based on this brief we will create 3 Yearbook concepts for you including front/rear covers and the inside profile pages, and you would pick one.

If you're unsure why not call us and we can explain in further detail with NO obligations to buy from us.

+ Are there any other prices to consider?

Other than the price included in your quote we do NOT charge anything else. Put in another way if we haven’t mentioned any other prices / fees on your quotation you do not have to pay it.

+ What's different about your Yearbook Designs & Service?

Our sole focus is on creating designs whether they be our template or our bespoke designs, designs which are, slick, modern & contemporary or stylish traditional designs. The clients who use us are clients who DO NOT want childish or immature designs and clients who want variety and 100% say in the creation of their yearbook.

+ Do we get a dedicated account manager throughout the process for Yearbooks, Hoodies, Combo Packages, Prom Photos Service, Grad Ball Photos Service or Event Decor Service?

100%, absolutely yes. You will always be in communication with the initial person you liaise with from your initial point on contact ensuring continuity.

+ As your based in Birmingham do you work with schools across the UK, Scotland & Wales?

Yes absolutely we do.