Event Management


Why Use Us - In a Nutshell

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Exceptional Value for money

We deliver exceptional value for money because when you book and organise your Prom or Ball with us not only do you get the benefit of our experience but because we our our own equipment and have excellent strategic partnerships in place you get more products and services for your money - see below for an example

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Save you tremendous amounts of time

As we already have a recommended database of suppliers and contacts it saves you time in having to research your own suppliers and it saves you taking a gamble on who is trusted and who isn’t. We also ensure any Student facing suppliers are CRB Checked.

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Dedicated Event manager

From the initial point of contact through to the day of your event and the aftercare of the event - everything is handled by your dedicated account manager who is available 7 days a week.

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7 Days a Week

Most clients want their events on a Thursday or a Friday, for convenience and because of the work involved. When a client books with us they literally do not have to lift a finger, and hence the trend is now to have your event on a Day that suits your needs (bearing in mind we organise events Monday through to Sunday) best as opposed to the latter.

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Pay For Your Event Online

Our new system makes it so much more efficient, that you can pay online and not have to bother the finance office or if your a Grammar/independent school it saves you having to setup a separate bank account or having to handle cash.

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Your Money is 100% Safe When You Book With Us

At the end of the day as we have said numerous times, every singe one of our clients uses us, because they trust us. when you Book/Organise your event through us your money is 100% safe.


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Luxury & Trust

Clients use us when they want to experience Luxury at it best and 100% trust that they will get what they pay for and that they will get to experience what they have seen in our promotional videos & marketing literature.

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Best Deals from Venues

For most venues proms and balls are less then 5% of their annual business. So given the volume of clients we work with, nationally we get the best prices & deals from venues on room hire, food & beverages than you as an individual school / establishment would. This in turn means we are able to cater a more value for money package for you.



We meet with you

Organising an event is no easy feat - so we insist on meeting with you personally, in the first instance as a consultation and thereafter to plan & deliver to your exacting requirements.

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If you are a school or sixth form, in addition to meeting with the organising committee, we will even come into your establishment and present an assembly. The reason for this is once it gets everyone on the same page and everyone can see the WOW factor we’re going to deliver for your event.


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Exceptional Security Arrangements

Every single staff member and or parent we speak with mentions safety and security arrangements. Given our 13 years experience in the events industry we have a vast array of knowledge and you will be pleased to hear we even keep first aiders at our events.

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Every client who works with us, is always delighted to know that we sign all the contracts, pay the deposits and damage waivers so you don't have to, especially if your a staff member or a student/parent from a grammar or independent school as is always the case for you. Also because all the guests can pay online it saves you having to handle cash / open separate bank accounts!


Please Note

This is your event and we DO NOT take over, you are always in control. Our sole purpose is to deliver a  premium event management service and ensure you receive excellent value for money and a seamless experience which saves you time & money.


Trusted by Many


An example of the price you pay, what is included in the price and notice how you only pay us for ALL of the products & Services you require.

£50PP* Venue hire, Food, Superstar DJ, Furniture, Cutlery, Security Staff, Prom Stationary, Event Staff, Event Staff, Event Manager, First Aider, Photographer/Booth, Venue Decor, Chocolate fountains, LED Dance floor, Chair covers, Setup the venue, Cleaning the venue, Venue Deposit, Damage waiver, Reception Drinks / Afterparty, Traffic management, Signing contracts, Guest Payment Processing online.

Get in touch to arrange a no obligation meeting so we can arrange to provide you detailed prices:


  • Book your no obligation meeting with us, at your School/ College / University
  • Confirm your desired event date
  • Venue if you have one in mind - Not
  • Number of paying guests who will attend
  • Choose your Products & Services (from below)
  • Confirm your booking
  • We open online store to collect payments / or pay via school
  • See you on the day

Here is the full range of products and services that we offer. If you choose Option 1, booking your entire event through us, then you can choose from any of the services listed here. If you have selected Option 2, however, you can only choose from those selected services with a star next to them.

  • Event Design
  • Event Management
  • Set up & Clean up
  • Halal & Kosher Menus
  • Asian Menus
  • Venue Hire & Booking
  • Security
  • Event Staff
  • Superstar DJ’s
  • Celebrity DJ’s
  • Roulette Tables*
  • Alcoholic Chocolate
  • Fountains*
  • Chocolate Fountains*
  • Candy Floss Machines*
  • Sweet Carts*
  • Twinkle Dance floors*
  • Diamond Backdrops*
  • Outdoor Fireworks
  • Indoor Fireworks
  • Champagne Receptions
  • Live Bands*
  • String Quartet*
  • Tiered Cakes*
  • Cupcakes*
  • Pop corn machines*
  • Foil Ballons*
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Beam Lights
  • Table Centre Pieces*
  • Chair Covers*
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Table Runners
  • Dhol Players*
  • Tickets*
  • Posters*
  • Wristbands*
  • Chinese Lanterns*
  • Party Bus*
  • Hotel Room Hire
  • Glow Packs*
  • Party Poppers*
  • Ice Sculptures
  • Gift Bags*
  • Event Favours
  • Hollywood Red Carpet /
  • Backdrop
  • Leavers Boards*
  • Lighted Tables
  • Event Furniture
  • VIP After Party (18+ only)
  • Coach Hire
  • Prom Dresses
  • MAC Make Up Artists
  • Event Insurance
  • Fruit & Alcoholic
  • Cocktails / Mixologists
  • Event Drapes
  • Asian Music DJ’s
  • Song Request Sheet*
  • Drinks Vouchers
  • Event Decor